The Latest: A chaotic motorcade ride for reporters in Paris    

The Latest on President Donald Trump’s visit to Paris (all times local):

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Trump’s Comment About France’s First Lady Draws Groans on Late Night
After Mr. Trump praised Brigitte Macron’s physical appearance, Stephen Colbert cautioned him, “This is not one of your European wife-shopping trips.”

Cashman: Calm down everyone, Donald Trump just told France's First Lady Brigitte Macron she is fit!
Last time I checked, being told you’re fit is a compliment.Apparently if you are President Trump, the rules are different.According to Twitter — and a number of news outlets — he can’t acknowledge a woman’s physical appearance without being a sexist, ageist and a jerk.The President and first lady were in France for the Bastille Day celebration when he made remarks that have given the cable news networks and social media their latest case of the vapors.

Trump Just Had To Comment On French First Lady's 'Good Shape'
Très sleazy.

Donald Trump in Paris: Bond Between France and U.S. ‘Forged in the Fires of War’
As their first stop on this week’s France trip, U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump visited with and offered words of...