What is fake news? How to spot it and what you can do to stop it    

‘Fake news’ has rapidly become a catch-all term to discredit all kinds of stories. We need to be smarter at recognising and combating outright fabrication

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Facebook might just have solved the fake news problem www.independent.co.uk
Facebook has announced new measures for tackling fake news in the UK, ahead of next month’s general election. The social network is set to treat the issue like clickbait, using algorithms to crack down on misleading articles.

Schools should teach pupils how to spot 'fake news' - BBC News www.bbc.co.uk
Young people need the skills to navigate the digital world, says the OECD's education director.

Twitter could roll out 'fake news' button on tweets www.independent.co.uk
Twitter is exploring the idea of building a fake news button, a new report says. The feature is currently said to be in “a prototype phase”, but could roll out in the future as a convenient way for users to stop the spread of false stories. How it would work isn’t yet clear, but anonymous sources familiar with the plans say a fake news button could sit next to individual tweets.

Wikipedia’s founder is launching a new site to tackle fake news www.independent.co.uk
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is launching a crowd-funded news service to help combat fake news. The internet entrepreneur has created Wikitribune, a news initiative which says it will see professional journalists and community contributors produce “fact-checked, global news stories”.

More than EUR 21 million in funding from Round 3 of the Digital News Initiative Fund www.blog.google
Today, we’re announcing the recipients of our third round of funding, with 107 projects in 27 countries being offered funding worth €21,968,154 in total.