Trump signs Russia sanctions bill into law    

US President Donald Trump has signed legislation that imposes new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea and limits his ability to ease restrictions without approval from Congress. Both chambers of Congress had passed the bill with veto-proof majorities.

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Donald Trump signs bill imposing sanctions against Russia
Bill had passed Congress with overwhelming bipartisan support, and prompted Moscow to respond by ordering reduction of US diplomatic staff in Russia

Trump signs Russia sanctions bill that will further damage relations with Moscow and Europe
Donald Trump has signed a bill to impose further sanctions on Russia over interference in the 2016 US presidential election, annexation of the Crimean peninsula, and other perceived violations of international norms. The bill had been approved in the US Congress by overwhelming margins, bringing in both Republican and Democratic votes at a time in Washington politics where polarisation is the rule, and bipartisanship is a rare exception to that order.

Trump signs Russia sanctions bill but blasts Congress
In a pair of statements, the president said parts of the law violate the Constitution.

President Trump signs new Russia sanctions, questions whether bill interferes with foreign policy authority
Trump will also issue a signing statement questioning whether the legislation interferes with the president's right to conduct foreign policy.

President Trump signs Russia sanctions bill
President Trump on Wednesday signed a bill imposing sanctions on Russia, after the legislation overwhelmingly passed the House and Senate.