‘US info campaign against Syria is intervention warning sign’ – Russian Foreign Ministry    

The US information campaign on Syria is a warning sign that an American-led intervention may be in the works, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

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Russia warns US of proportional response to any preemptive measures against Syrian forces as US official calls intelligence behind warning ‘far from conclusive’

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The White House had warned President Bashar al-Assad his military would "pay a very heavy price".

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"Preparations for a new cynical and unprecedented provocation are underway," Russian lawmaker says after vague warning from White House

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Moscow says it will track US-led coalition aircraft as targets, and halts a communications channel.

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Russian surface-to-air missile batteries are tracking U.S. warplanes in Syria after the country's ministry of defense pledged to target U.S. aircraft, Air Force Brig. Gen. Charles Corcoran confirmed

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