Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf: The latest climate change wake-up call    

I am reminded of my expedition there — and of the repercussions that the loss of ice shelves will have around the world in the form of rising seas and accelerated climate change.

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Trillion-ton Antarctic iceberg calves, but don't blame global warming
A floating trillion-ton iceberg has calved from the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica. And there's no link to man-made global warming.

That New Giant Iceberg Is Just the Beginning—Antarctica Is Melting
The massive iceberg that broke off the Larsen C Ice Shelf may be a harbinger of a continent-wide collapse that would swamp coastal cities around the world.

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Larsen C shed an iceberg the size of Delaware, and that may portend serious problems for the future.

I've studied Larsen C and its giant iceberg for years – it's not a simple story of climate change
Enormous Antarctic icebergs are a rare but natural occurrence.

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A Delaware-sized chunk of ice is about to split off from the Antarctic ice sheet, and reading many media outlets would have you believe man-made global warming is to blame. But man-made warming has

Larsen C Is Breaking, with Dire Implications for India's Coasts
In a mental landscape dominated by the ephemeral nature of ‘Breaking News’, Larsen C exemplifies a global warming trait difficult to get our heads around.

Antarctic Ice Shelf Breaks Off a Delaware-Size Iceberg
Ice shelves act as giant buffers slowing the flow of land ice toward the ocean. While the break was driven by natural processes, it highlights concerns for the region.