China, Russia share opposition to U.S. THAAD in South Korea: Xi    

Chinese President Xi Jinping set off on a visit to Russia on Monday stressing the grave threat a U.S. anti-missile system in South Korea poses to both Chinese and Russian interests.

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Russia, China: N. Korea must freeze nuclear activities, US halt THAAD deployment
Moscow and Beijing have agreed that North Korea should freeze its nuclear and missile programs, while the US and South Korea should abstain from holding war games in the region, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Russia, China agree joint approach to North Korea, slam US over missile shield
Russia and China agree a joint position on North Korea designed to defuse tensions around its missile programme and both want Washington to halt deployment of a missile shield in South Korea.

US confirms ICBM was tested by North Korea as Russia and China play peacekeepers
American officials confirmed North Korea’s claim on Tuesday to have successfully launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), suggesting Pyongyang was now capable of attacking the continental US and provoking immediate international condemnation.

Trump to China on Kim's missile test: 'End this nonsense once and for all!'
North Korea claimed it successfully test-launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile.