Hungary puts face of billionaire George Soros on anti-migrant ad    

Hungary’s Government has launched an anti-migrant advertising campaign using the image of US financier George Soros.  Billboards and full-page media adverts have sprung up across the country, with the caption: "Don't let Soros have the last laugh." Some of the billboards have been defaced with graffiti that reads "stinking Jew". 

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Hungary vilifies financier Soros with crude poster campaign - BBC News
The government spends €19m on posters attacking George Soros but denies it is anti-Semitic.

Hungary's anti-Soros posters recall 'Europe's darkest hours': Soros' spokesman
An anti-migrant billboard campaign by the Hungarian government that uses the image of U.S. financier George Soros is "reminiscent of Europe's darkest hours", Soros' spokesman said on Tuesday.

‘Europe’s darkest hours’: Soros spokesman bashes Orban’s anti-migration campaign billboards
A spokesman for George Soros has slammed campaign billboards and television ads from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party that feature a picture of the billionaire financier, saying they are “reminiscent of Europe’s darkest hours.”

Hungary to take down controversial Soros posters
Government campaign against financier sparked controversy at home and abroad.