'South Africans love me' - Atul Gupta boasted about his endless wealth‚ says leaked email are fake    

Atul Gupta claimed he was so wealthy that he couldn’t spend all his money if he tried. That’s according to Lord Bell‚ the co-founder of the British PR firm Bell Pottinger‚ which ditched the Guptas as clients after a public outcry. Lord Bell told BBC radio that Atul boasted about his wealth and flew the

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It was "nothing to do with us."

Gupta Family Denies Leaked South African Emails Are Real www.bloomberg.com
A raft of emails leaked to South African media about how the Gupta family have won billions of rands of contracts from state-owned companies and influenced government decisions through their closeness to President Jacob Zuma isn’t authentic, family member Atul Gupta said.

Atul Gupta claims leaked emails not authentic www.news24.com
Atul Gupta has questioned the authenticity of the emails and documents contained in the #GuptaLeaks in an interview with the BBC's Radio 4.

'I’m doing a very, very, very, very ethical job': Atul Gupta to BBC www.enca.com
Speaking to the BBC, Atul Gupta said, 'Monopoly capital do not want us to do business in this country because (it is) affecting their oligopoly.'

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Political drama, corruption allegations and even wedding party controversies -- the Gupta family, one of South Africa's wealthiest, has been accused of wield...

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South Africa's Gupta scandal