US approves first arms sale to Taiwan under Trump    

The US' decision to go ahead with the sale of a $1.4 billion arms package to Taiwan threatens to undermine US-Chinese relations, China's ambassador to Washington said.

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‘Gross interference with domestic affairs’: China furious at Trump’s $1.4bn Taiwan arms deal
The Chinese people “have every right to be outraged” by the new $1.4 billion US arms deal with Taiwan, Beijing has said, arguing that the sale means the Trump administration is contradicting earlier statements on maintaining peace in the region.

China Says Trump's Taiwan Arms Sale Undercuts Early Goodwill
China protested President Donald Trump’s proposal to sell $1.3 billion in arms to Taiwan, saying the deal ran counter to early pledges for cooperation between the two sides.

China strongly protests US arms sales to Taiwan
BEIJING (AP) - China on Friday strongly protested a U.S. plan to sell $1.4 billion worth of arms to Taiwan and demanded that the deal be canceled.Chinese...

Taiwan arms sale, North Korea sanctions outrage Beijing in test of U.S.-China ties under Trump
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