North Korea nuclear crisis: Putin calls sanctions useless - BBC News    

Russia's president warns the ramping up of "military hysteria" could lead to global catastrophe.

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Putin: North Koreans would rather 'eat grass' than give up nukes
Russian president also warns of 'planetary catastrophe' and 'huge loss of human life.'

Putin opposes military action against North Korea
Russian president criticises US diplomacy in the crisis, cautioning that tougher sanctions would be counterproductive.

North Korea LIVE: Kim Jong-un eyes missile launch as Putin warns of ‘global catastrophe’
NORTH Korea is reportedly preparing for another missile launch just days after its sixth nuclear test. Here is the latest news and live updates.

Vladimir Putin condemns North Korea but says extra sanctions 'ridiculous'
Russian President Vladimir Putin says imposing tougher sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear missile programme would be counter-productive and said threats of military action could trigger a global catastrophe.