'A gift for the American bastards': North Korea's Kim fires back at Donald Trump    

Kim Jong-un saw the opportunity for maximum mischief offered by the most auspicious date in US history to launch a missile, literally and verbally

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Drills by US & allies near Korean Peninsula ‘taunt & provoke’ Pyongyang – Moscow www.rt.com
The military exercises the US and its allies regularly conduct near the Korean Peninsula are only provoking North Korea’s leadership into taking a confrontational stance, a senior Russian diplomat said.

As concern about North Korea deepens, the U.S. and China are at odds   www.washingtonpost.com
The United States called for “global action” and warned that the North is pushing the region toward war.

The world is holding its breath as Trump takes Kim to the brink of war www.dailymail.co.uk
Two U.S. Air Force B-1B bombers from the military base in Guam participated in a strategic bilaterial mission with South Korea and Japan before North Korea threatened to strike Guam.

Trump's First Major Foreign-Policy Success? www.theatlantic.com
The president is right to do nothing publicly about North Korea.

James Mattis: North Korea risks ending ‘its regime and the destruction of its people’
Defense Secretary James Mattis on Wednesday said North Korea’s pursuit of a nuclear arsenal is taking the rogue regime down a path that will end with its destruction and that of its people, echoing the strong language coming from the Trump White House.