Nato allies shy away from Trump's demand for more Afghanistan troops    

European Nato members have appeared to shy away from Donald Trump’s demand they follow America’s lead and dispatch significant numbers of extra troops to Afghanistan.

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The president had previously called the conflict a waste of time and resources.

‘Recipe for disaster’: Ron Paul to RT about Trump’s Afghanistan policy turn
US President Donald Trump’s plans to increase the number of troops in Afghanistan risk alienating his base and are unlikely to win him any favor with the Washington establishment, says a prominent former member of Congress.

Trump 'increased troops in Afghanistan after being shown a picture of women in miniskirts'
For a number of decades, Afghanistan was not a nation under threat from Isis or the Taliban, but a place of stability, tolerance and even moderation. From the 1930s to the late 1970s, some termed this nation that has long been a pawn in the struggles of the great powers, the Paris of Central Asia. What’s more - some women even wore short skirts.

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Former CIA Chief Of Staff Questions Donald Trump's Vague Afghanistan Strategy
"I think there's a real problem with that."

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Editorial: For now, the US president has bent to the views of his generals. But he has no long-term answer to the problems created by the war